Permits & Surveys


More and more municipalities in our area are requiring a permit for fencing projects. We are more than happy to assist you with obtaining any necessary permits for your project.


Surveys are one of the most useful tools for ensuring that your fence is installed within your property lines. A survey is a scaled map of your property that shows all boundaries, and structures, on the property. By using your survey, and existing property pins, we are able to most accurately install your fence. Some municipalities will require a survey in order to issue a fence permit.

Don’t have a survey? Don’t worry – we can help! We have worked closely with multiple local survey companies that can help!


Most HOAs will have fence guidelines that need to be followed. Your property management company will be able to provide you with the guidelines specific to your community. If you need any assistance preparing the documents needed by your HOA for review we are more than happy to help! Please note, while we can assist in preparing the documents, they will need to be signed and submitted by the homeowner.

Please click here to view find your cities rules, regulations, and permit requirements.